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What is the Australia Temporary Partner visa all about?

Love knows no borders, and in a globalized world, many couples find themselves in long-distance relationships. For those who wish to reunite with their Australian partners, the Australian Temporary Partner Visa visa offers a pathway to achieving that dream.

The Australian Temporary Partner Visa, often referred to as the Temporary Partner Visa, is the initial step in the journey to permanent residency in Australia. It is designed for partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens.

This visa allows you to live, work, and study in Australia while awaiting a decision on your permanent partner visa (Subclass 801) which usually takes a period of 2 years.

Benefits of Australia Temporary Partner Visa

The Australia Temporary Partner Visa, Subclass 820, offers the following advantages:

  1. Family Reunion: This visa provides a pathway for couples to live together in Australia while awaiting a decision on their permanent partner visa.
  2. Work and Study: Visa holders are entitled to work and study in Australia, opening up opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  3. Access to Medicare: As a Subclass 820 visa holder, you are eligible for Australia’s public healthcare system, Medicare.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Permanent Partner Visas-subclass 820

To be eligible for this visa, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your immigration history will be taken into consideration when making a decision on your application; therefore, if you have had a visa revoked or refused, you may be ineligible for this visa.
  • If you have a Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) (Class UX) visa, Subclass 475 (Skilled – Regional Sponsored) visa, Subclass 487 (Skilled – Regional Sponsored) visa, or Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) (Class SP) visa.

Before you’re eligible to apply, you must have held that visa for at least two years.

If you have an or your most recent substantive visa was a Subclass 491 visa (Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)) or Subclass 494 visa (Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional)

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Before you’re eligible to apply, you must have held that visa for at least three years.

  • If you or someone in your family owe money to the Australian government, you must have paid it back or made plans to do so.
  • When you apply and when we make an assessment on your temporary visa application, you must be in Australia. Family members who apply with you must also reside in Australia.
  • You must satisfy the Australian health and character requirements.
  • When you apply for the visa and while you are on it, you and everyone who applies with you must have a sponsor. Your spouse is usually your sponsor.
  • When submitting an application, married applicants must normally be 18 or older. This is because, under Australian law, you must be 18 or older to marry.
  • You must be the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian National, permanent resident of Australia, or qualifying New Zealand citizen.

Documents to Prove that Your Relationship is Real

The Australian visa officials will need many documents to establish that your relationship is real. This can include utility statements addressed to both of you in order to show that you share domestic matters, a joint bank account to indicate that you share finances, phone records to show that you communicate when you are apart, pictures of the two of you together and with other people to show that you have spent time together and that other people are aware of your relationship, and so on.

Application Process for Australia Temporary Partner Visa

The process of applying for the Subclass 820 Partner Visa involves several steps:

  1. Collecting Documents: Gather all necessary documents, such as identity proof, evidence of the relationship, and character assessments.
  2. Submitting the Application: Complete and submit your visa application online through the official Australian immigration portal.
  3. Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820): Once your application is approved, you’ll receive the Subclass 820, allowing you to reside and work in Australia temporarily
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Australia Temporary Partner Visa Cost and Processing Time

Australia Partner Visas subclass 820 costs start from AUD8,850.00 for most applicants. From AUD1,475 for Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) holders. While the processing times for these visas may vary from 5 months upward, It is highly recommended that you use the visa processing time guidance tool to get an idea of how long it will take to process this visa.

*Costs are accurate as of October 2023. Further information is available on the Department of Home Affairs website.

FAQs on the Australia Temporary Partner Visa subclass 820;

Q: Who is eligible to apply for the Subclass 820 visa?

Ans: To be eligible, you must be in a genuine and ongoing de facto relationship or be married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Q: Can I apply for the Subclass 820 visa if I’m currently residing outside of Australia?

Ans: You must be onshore in Australia to apply for this visa. There are exceptions, but additional criteria apply, and it’s best to consult with the Department of Home Affairs.

Q: Can I work and study while holding the Subclass 820 visa?

Ans: Yes, you can work and study in Australia with this visa, which provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Q: Do I need to provide health insurance for the Subclass 820 visa?

Ans: You may be required to provide proof of health insurance, and it’s generally advisable to have appropriate health coverage while in Australia.

Q: Can I include my dependent children in my Subclass 820 visa application?

Ans: Yes, you can include dependent children in your application if they meet the eligibility criteria. They will have the same rights and conditions as the primary visa holders.

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Q: What happens after the Subclass 820 visa is granted?

Ans: Once your Subclass 820 visa is approved, you will be on the path to obtaining the permanent Partner visa (Subclass 801), usually after two years.

Q: What options do I have if my visa application is rejected or if I disagree with the decision?

Ans: If your visa application is rejected, you have the option to appeal the decision through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). It’s crucial to seek legal advice if you choose to appeal a decision.

Q: Is using a migration agent essential for a successful application, and why should I consider one?

Ans: While using a migration agent is not mandatory, it can significantly improve the chances of a successful application. Registered migration agents are experts in handling the complexities of the process, ensuring all requirements are met, and providing strategic guidance based on your specific circumstances.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for statutory declarations and relationship statements when applying for the Subclass 820 visa?

Ans: Yes, statutory declarations and relationship statements should be detailed and specific. They should describe the history of your relationship, how you share responsibilities, and provide examples of financial commitments. Statements from friends and family should also explain their knowledge of your relationship.

Q: What happens if my Subclass 820 visa application is refused?

Ans: If your Subclass 820 visa application is refused, you have the option to appeal the decision or reapply. It’s advisable to seek professional advice to understand the reasons for the refusal and the best course of action.

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